Dueling Arena

Dueling Arena






PvP arena

Dueling Arena was built by BLASTER NICESHOT as a Player versus Player (PvP) arena for the, at the time, new dueling feature that allowed PvP.


The entrance had a window that looked out into the rancor pit, and two elevators on each side that led up to a waiting-room-like area with a door on each side that lead into the seating and dueling platform areas.

Dueling PlatformEdit

The dueling platform was mainly constructed out of Asteroid Ceiling Panels and located above the rancor pit. Training Room Guard Rails acted as a fence to partially prevent people from falling down, and an Asteroid Signal Light was placed on each corner of the platform. A short bridge on two of the sides between the platform and the seating area allowed access to the platform.

Rancor PitEdit

The rancor pit was filled with dangerous monsters like rancors and gundarks, and it was designed as a punishment if one fell over the railing during a battle. A door near the back of the lot, leading to stairs, was the only way to exit the pit.


Starship Seat Rows stretched all the way around the arena and gave a good view of both the dueling platform and rancor pit. A door just above the seating allowed someone who came up from the stairs by the rancor pit enter the arena again.